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Welcome to Kevin Kwak's homepage.

Collapse domain address was registered during the undergraduate years when I was majoring in business. One of the many enjoyable courses I took during the first year was computer information system, and I still remember the first day of class from more than a decade ago. It was raining outside and I managed to find a seat in the first row of the auditorium. It was a large class – introductory courses generally have a large class size and several unregistered students show up on the first class hoping to obtain a registration number from the professor. Picture 50 freshmen chatting and anxiously waiting for their professor to arrive and present the curriculum - I was excited.

Fast forward few weeks into the quarter, I came upon reading about how domain names are an important part of a corporation’s brand. I was introduced to the internet in high school and back then I did not know the value of a domain name. Right when the class ended, I clearly remember speed-walking to the computer lab and to search for a personal domain name. I visited to search if my surname was available; was taken and was taken. Typed in – the domain name was available! I took out my credit card and registered it immediately. I was now a proud owner of my own surname. Who knows – a decade later, I might have my own nonprofit organization and decide to use for that purpose. But for now, I’m satisfied to use it for my homepage.

Lastly, other social networking websites that I have an account includes, and Please note that I rarely use those websites except LinkedIn, and I am NOT on any other social networking websites.